About Alex

I’m Alex - a filmmaker, photographer, and explorer. My first window to the world was through surf trips to Mexico and Costa Rica in search of hidden breaks way off the beaten path.

I quickly picked up Spanish and fell in love with Latin America, which eventually led me to study the Maya and Inca civilizations as an anthropology student at UCSB.

After college, a series of serendipitous events brought me onto a documentary expedition into the Andes in search of the legendary lost Inca treasure known as the “derrotero de valverde.” Although we didn’t find the gold, I found my mentor BBC Host and ex-SAS Officer Ken Hames, who encouraged me to pursue TV hosting.

Meanwhile, I joined my brother Marko in Spain to work as English teachers, uploading my first travel vlogs to YouTube in my free time. In 2012, Marko and I teamed up to combine his writing and journalism background with my passion for filmmaking and TV hosting - and Vagabrothers was born.

About Alex

Alex Ayling

Filmmaker, editor, photographer and surfer with a knack for storytelling and love for nature.