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Hi, we’re Marko and Alex Ayling, the brothers and vagabonds behind Vagabrothers, the foremost travel channel on YouTube and a resource for aspiring travelers around the world.

Travel is something that brings people together, and in a time of deep division, we hope to use travel to promote understanding the different cultures of our planet.

When we founded Vagabrothers in 2012, we could hardly have been more different and hadn’t spent much time together in over eight years. But our mutual curiosity about the world inspired us to make videos that share hidden histories, dispel stereotypes, and celebrate our differences, a message that now resonates with well over half a million viewers from 140 countries.

Our passion for storytelling has led us to film 200+ videos from over 50 countries, brought us to the White House for Michelle Obama’s summit on Global Citizenship, and earned us the honor of Creator-in-Residence at YouTube Space LA for 2018.

If you’re new to Vagabrothers, get inspired by our cinematic travelogues, browse content from dozens of destinations, and watch our travel tips episodes to make your travel dreams into a reality.

Welcome to the #TravelTribe, and as we always say…

Stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you on the road!

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Marko Ayling of the Vagabrothers
Marko Ayling
Marko is a writer and producer whose endless curiosity is always taking Vagabrothers to new places.
Alex Ayling of the Vagabrothers
Alex Ayling
Alex is a filmmaker, editor, photographer and surfer with a knack for storytelling and love for nature.

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